How do you use Exceptions?

Exceptions are a very common concept in most of languages nowadays. In this article we will discuss why exceptions are needed, checked vs unchecked exceptions, and why C# doesn’t have checked exceptions.

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Kage - Shadow of the Ninja
Kage – Shadow of the Ninja

In recent years, Entity-Component Systems (ECS) has been recognized as the most notable architecture for game development. There are many good articles about the architecture that can be found on the Internet, some of them are:

Of course these articles are excellent and well-written, but one thing I don’t like about them is that they are not fair at comparing OOP and ECS. They think that class inheritance is fundamental to OOP thus they blame OOP in order to praise ECS as a preference of composition over inheritance.

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Acceptance tests vs. Unit tests

Hey dude, what are the differences between acceptance tests and unit tests?

Well, an acceptance test – aka scenario test – may involve many units of our software, while a unit test is a test for only one unit.

What if the acceptance test involves only one unit? Now the acceptance test and the unit test are the same?


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Functions & Data

All software are about functions operating on data. Data come with the concepts of structure [1] and state; concepts of functions include prototype and implementation. We can change data structures at coding-time and change data states at run-time. But the prototype and implementation of a function cannot be changed at run-time, they are allowed to be changed at coding-time only. Another different is that data are passive while functions can access data and/or call other functions. These differences between functions and data should be carefully considered when designing software.

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What is the problem with static methods?

Many programmers when concerning about OO design usually say: “Static methods are bad because they encourage procedural paradigm”. In this article, I would argue that static methods are not always bad and they have nothing to do with procedural paradigm.

Static-X was an American industrial-metal band from Los Angeles, California formed in 1994.
Static-X was an American industrial-metal band from Los Angeles, California formed in 1994.

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